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Trace: Inverse Selection


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Inverse Selection

This function is intended for the inversion of an area, selected on the image using ( selection tool. To call this function use Ctrl+Shift+I hot key combination.

It is especially convinient to use inversion if you use two standart smoothing operations: Adjust by lines excluding selected area and Flattening with the surface of first or second order in sequence. In this case you should select all the high objects on the surface (the example above shows an image of protein spheres with the diameter of 200–500 nm), adjust by lines excluding selected parts of the image. Then invert the selected area and do the flattening using selected part of the image only.

Picture shows the grafite surface with protein spheres on it. The diameter of spheres is about 200-500 nm. Upper images show the image before and after filtration, lower images show the initial selection and its inversion.