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Trace: File formats

This translation is older than the original page and might be outdated.


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File formats

At the moment the program supports the file formats listed below.
If you work with the device, which data format is currently not supported, then you can contact the technical support spm@nanoscopy.net, send us the sample file and most likely we will add it.

File format Typical file name Data type
Surfaces Curves
FemtoScan *.spm + +
NT-MDT *.mdt *.sm2 + +
Nanoeducator *.spm +
Aist-NT *.aist + +
Nanoscope II *. 0?? +
Nanoscope III, IV, V *. 0?? + +
Dimension *. 0?? + +
Asylum Research (Igor Pro) *.ibw + +
Park Scientific *.hdf +
Molecular Imaging *.stp +
WSxM Nanotec Electronica *.* +
Nanotop *.spm +
Amphora (optical data) *.tlk + +
WITec *.wip + +
Omicron *.par +
Nanosurf *.nid +
Pacific Nanotechnology *.pni, *.pro + +
Digital Surf *.sur +
LEO *.tif +
JEOL *.tif +
Bitmap *.bmp +
Jpeg *.jpg +
Text format *.txt + +