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Trace: Threshold filter


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Threshold filter

This feature is designed for sorting of points by height. In FemtoScan, filtering based on a single threshold is implemented.

To call up a threshold filter, select it from menu Mathematics or click on the button


In this case, a dialog box, where you can set the threshold level (as a fraction of the maximum image height) and determine how the points that appear above and below this level will be processed, will appear.

If a tick is put against field Set above, all points with height exceeding the threshold will be set to a value equal to the maximum height of the surface or the height of the threshold, depending on the selected parameter value. Similarly, if a tick is put against field Set below, the points that were initially below the threshold will have a minimum or threshold value. If no tick is put against any of these two options (for example, against Set above), these points will not be changed.