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Trace: Resample


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You can change size and resolution of any image using menu command OperationResample. This function changes discreet value for every axis X, Y, Z in inner data representation.

This function calls up a dialog window containing table with values. Every parameter corresponds to two columns Original and Destination. Fields in the Original column cannot be edited and show current values. In the Destination fields you can specify desired values of parameters.

If you want to change coefficients for conversion from integer data to Z height check the Z scale or Z offset box. Height corresponding to one bit of two bytes assigned for storage of height value is given in Bit size field. This field in Resample window determines the changes in integers given by two bytes in inner representation of data while the same field in ViewResolution window determines a coefficient of conversion the integers to height values.

Dispersion of surface height expressed in bites is specified in the RMS field. Since these two values are related the latter one will be changed automatically.

The <Z> field contains an average height of the surface in inner data representation.

To change the number of points in the image use Width and Height fields. If the Apply to all images in the document box is checked then all images in the file will be rescaled the same way.