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Trace: Image overlay


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Image overlay

Image overlays are utilized in two ways.

In imported images

When you open graphic image format (BMP, TIFF, JPG), the image data is converted to grayscale by intensity, and the original image is shown as an overlay in the first tab:


the converted data is stored in the second tab:


All measurements and processing performed on the converted data.

In 3-dimensional views

You can apply image overlay in 3D view. The height data is taken from original image, and the color data can be taken from another channel or from another image. Right-click on 3D image, select:

  • Surface Representation: Color Map,
  • Overlay Mode: Channel or Texture
    • Channel: one of the data channels (for images with multiple channels)
    • Texture: one of the open files



Palette for the overlay image can be changed as usual - in the toolbar, by right-clicking on the color scale.