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 +===== Invert image=====
 +The principle of **Invert** function from [[меню_математика|Mathematics menu]] significantly differs from the [[инверсия_палитры|color palette Inversion]],​ which can be called with a button on the [[панель_инструментов|image toolbar]] to the left of the image. When you select **Invert** command from Mathematics menu or press the button ​
 +{{en:​processing:​invert_1.jpg|Invert button}}
 +the image data transform: the entire range of values from minimum to maximum is rewritten and assigned to image points in reverse order.
 +The point at which there was the maximum value will be minimal after the inversion, and those whose value was 1 nm less than the maximum, will be at 1 nm above the minimum. Thus the palette remains unchanged, and surface topography changes.
 +{{:​processing:​panel_invert.jpg}} ​ {{:​processing:​invert_2.jpg}}